Silent Regis

On 13th of April 2013 we hosted a large scale social event, the launch of the most recent material called "Silent Regis", by artists Silent Strike and Kazi Ploae. The social event was a local success, due to the fact that 'E-Sports Cluj' managed to sum up a total of 1,000 people that attended the event. Also, in order to facilitate a process of communication with the public, following a competition, a total of 50 people have received invitations to this event.



The experience during the concert was amazing and "off the hook" because of the exceptional quality of the sound dubbled by the fantastic performance of the artists. Special treats where install for our followers: we managed to surprise the public by bringing on stage two of the most valued romanian hip hop artists: Aforic and Omu’ Gnom. Another perk, the audience was exaulted by the opportunity to be visually amazed... How was that possible, you may ask ? Well, we succeded in bringing at the event, one of the most recognized national artists, Dan Basu, a master of Visual Experiences, who was behind the scene, exposing on the screens some outside the box videos which summarised the unique experience during the concert.


    All in all, judging by the positive reactions of the audience, the event was of big succes, although we have to emphasize the fact that all the merit goes to the outstanding performance of the artists themselfs.