'E-Sports Cluj' hosted "Starcraft 2" event at @ Peninsula / Felsziget 2013:

Lower Bracket

We are sad to announce...
        ...two of the online finalists will be unable to join the on-location stages.

        In order to fill in the spots, we are pleased to announce the creation of the lower bracket for this event.


        Due to time constraints, all games will be played today (17.07.2013). We are keeping the bracket format and the grouping up of players a surprise and will be announced at 23:00 (gmt+2), just seconds before the final online event.


    At 23:00 (gmt+2) we waited  for all the players to show up. At around 23:15 these where the ones present: Ricu, dorku, Arkade and darkstar. They duked it out in a 'best of 1' ffa, in what turned out to be a chaotically frantic game, at the end of which the last two left standing would advance to the 3rd, on-location, stage.


    GG to all of them & congratulations to dorku and darkstar for advancing !!!

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