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    We will hold a Starcraft II (hots) tournament. The tournament will be held on-location in Cluj-Napoca. Please read this page carefully for all the information.

    The entry fee is 20 lei per player, payable at the venue. To submit your entry please read below.

    All the games will be played in a best of 3 format, with the finals a best of 5. The tournament is not league level locked. The available maps will be a selection of the official 2v2 ladder maps.


                                                                                   = Prizes =


    1st place:

        - 65 % of the prize pool;
    2nd place:

        - 30 % of the prize pool;


    The prize pool is made up of the entry money for the tournament.

    Below you can find the games schedule. Keep in mind that the schedule might change without notice so be sure to check it regularly:

                                    Friday                              Saturday                                    Sunday


                  20:00> games: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Starcraft II                                                17:00> game: [7]

                  22:00> games: [5] [6]


Sign-ups are now closed for Starcraft II.

    To sign up for either of the tournaments you must send a request by filling all the fields of the below form in the following way:

Name: your full name (as displayed on your id)

Email: a valid e-mail (on which we can contact you)

Subject: NBS Cluj 2015 - Starcraft II tourny (copy/paste)


- your highest league ranking

- your battletag (so we can find you in-game);

- a valid phone number (so we can contact you for the on-location stage);

- your personal numeric code (CNP);

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