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    National Battle Sessions - Bucuresti regionals is the last of the regional tournaments. The parts (Cluj and Bucharest) will lead up to NBS - National Finals, which will be held in Cluj-Napoca. Every stage, and of course, the finals, is dedicated to every gamer, amateurs of various popular games and also to the general public.

    During the festival, visitors can participate in eSports tournaments for four of the most popular games. Additionally, visitors can watch the live broadcasts of the matches that are played during the tournaments, or just relax while playing a board game that will be available on location. They can also check out our comics section or maybe enjoy the company of some lovely cosplay.

    The festival strives to bring together, at the same event, enthusiasts of different facets of gaming, whether be it competitive or casual, board game or computer based, it gives access to the (gaming) community that is still in its infancy here in Romania.

    There will be a total of five tournaments. A Starcraft II 1v1 tournament for players ranked master and grand master and another tournament for players ranked diamond and below, a League of Legends tournament, a DotA2 tournament and a Hearthstone tournament. There will also be an area for leisure play. This area will hold non competitive board games matches for anyone interested.

    NBS - Bucuresti regionals will start Saturday (20th of September) 10:00 and end Sunday (21st of September) at about 23:30 (GMT+2).

    The entry fee consists of 10 RON(with a drink from the bar included in the price) for attendees that do not participate in the tournaments, and a 20 RON fee for tournament participants.

    The awards comprise of the total value of the competition entry fee split 70/30 between the 1st and 2nd place.


    The available maps will be selected from the current ladder maps.


    To see the exact games schedule and/or to submit your entry in any tournament, go to the page of the specific game you are interested in by clicking on one of the buttons at the start of the page.

    The festival will be held at the "Nexus Gamers Pub", Regina Elisabeta boulevard, nr 37, Bucharest.

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