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    The League of Legends tournament will be held in two stages:

        - Stage one will be held online, the winners will advance to the on location (2nd) stage, the quarter-finals.

        - Stage two will be held on location.

    Please note that the tournament is for EUNE accounts only.

    All the games will be played in a best of 3 format.

        - 1st place: 200lei* & 70% of the prize pool** (per team); 6550 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin (per player)
        - 2nd place: 100lei* & 30% of the prize pool** (per team); 4700 RP (per player)
        - 3rd place: 3150 RP (per player)
        - 4th place: 1700 RP (per player)

*If at least 8 teams apply.

**The prize pool is made up of the entry money for the tournament.

    Below you can find the games schedule. Keep in mind that the schedule might change without notice so be sure to check it regularly:

                                                                         Saturday                                    Sunday


League                                                                                                        10:30 : [5] - semi finals 1

    of                                                                                                             14:00 : [6] - semi finals 2

Legends                                                                                                      17:30 : [7m] - small finals

                                                                                                                    21:00 : [7M] - grand finals

Sign-up for League of Legends is now closed.

    To sign up for either of the tournaments you must send a request by filling all the fields of the below form in the following way:

Name: your full name (as displayed on your id)

Email: a valid e-mail (on which we can contact you)

Subject: NBS Bucuresti LoL tournament (copy/paste)


- your team members' full names (as displayed on ids);

- your team members' summoner names;

- a valid phone number for the team captain (so we can contact you for the on-location stage);

- your team members' personal numeric codes (CNP, as displayed on ids);

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