Leisure Days II

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    Leisure Days was the first gaming festival held in Cluj-Napoca. Dedicated to every gamer, it also addresses amateurs of various popular games and also to the general public. During the festival, visitors could participate in various contests, such as eSports and board games. For the not-so-competitive gamers, they could join in various friendly matches of the games prezent.

    Now, more then an year later, Leisure Days II strives to bring together, at the same event, enthusiasts of different facets of gaming, whether be it competitive or casual, board game or computer based, it gives access to the (gaming) community that is still in its infancy here in Romania.

    This time it's more like leisure day, singular, as we try to condens the event in a single day. Our aim is to raise the overall quality of the event.

    The event is made up by a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft tournament, casual board games play and the presence of our very own Comic Book Core - Cluj.

    The event schedule (GMT+2):
                                                   Start time: Saturday (
21st of march) 10:30 a.m.
                                                   End time: Sunday (22nd of march) 1:00

        Stay tuned for updates!

    The event will be held at the "Gamerz Pub", Victor Babes street, number 33A, in our fair city Cluj-Napoca.



- Matches shall follow a best of 5, single elimination format with 3 classes per Eligible Participant each match.

- Each player will submit three (3) unique classes and decklists to the event organizers prior to the start of the event.

- Each game in a match is blind pick for both players. When a player wins a game, the winning player cannot use the class that was used for that game for the remainder of the match. The player that loses a game can keep the same class or switch to a different class at their choice, with such a switch being a blind pick as well. The first player to win 3 games wins the match.


- Players who adjust their decks during the tournament will be disqualified.

- All matches will be played on the European servers.

- Each player will use his own account during the tournament.

Bracket seeding will be random and brackets will be posted shortly before the start of the event here.
Sign up closes on Friday, March 20th at 20:00 PM.
Players need to be in the tournament area at least 15 minutes prior to the designated match start time.

The participation fee is 20 lei. The fee will be summed up to form the prize pool as follows:
1st place - 50% of the prize pool
2nd place - 25 % of the prize pool
3rd & 4th place - 12% of the prize pool each

This event is an approved Hearthstone Cup and points earned will count towards the Hearthstone 2015 World Championship qualifiers.

Join us for the fun and earn the Fireside Friends cardback just for participating.
Feel free to bring your own laptop or tablet to participate in the tournament or just have a beer and play a game with us.

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