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    Leisure Days is the first gaming festival held in Cluj-Napoca. It's dedicated to every gamer, amateurs of various popular games and also to the general public. During the festival, visitors can participate in various contests, such as eSports and board games. For the not-so-competitive gamers, they can join in various friendly matches of the presented games. Additionally, visitors can watch the live broadcast of the Blizzcon 2013, via the (leveled-up) barcraft held on location.

    Leisure Days strives to bring together, at the same event, enthusiasts of different facets of gaming, whether be it competitive or casual, board game or computer based, it gives access to the (gaming) community that is still in its infancy here in Romania.

    The festival comes as a natural evolution of events that we at 'E -Sports Cluj' have held since we have assembled, back in February of 2013. Leisure Days is also a response to the growing demand of gaming-related activities, both board game and computer based.

    The festival is made up by a Starcraft II 2v2 tournament, two board games competitions, the Blizzcon live stream and two areas for leisure play. These two areas will hold non competitive board games matches for anyone interested and an 'arcade' section defined by indie and/or old-school pc games.

    The Leisure Days schedule (GMT+2):
                                                   Start time: Friday 18:00
                                                   End time: Sunday 19:00

        Stay tuned for updates!

    Board game competitions of Settlers of Catan and King of Tokyo will be held during the course of Leisure Days resulting in prizes offered by Lex Games and Ideal Board Games. The competitions are open to any person present on festival grounds, prior knowledge of game rules is not necessary and the competitions themselves are not mutually exclusive. Everyone will have ample time to test the board games before the start of the competition and prizes will be awarded for the best players in each competition. Besides these events, other games will be presented and made available for play. This link can be accessed to view a list (which can be subjected to change) of board games that can be played during the festival.


    The competitions will be held Sunday:
                  - 13:00 - King of Tokyo

                  - 17:00 - Settlers of Catan


     Stay tuned for updates regarding the prizes!

    The associated Starcraft II 2v2 tournament will be held in two stages:

                                                 - Stage one will be held online, the winners will advance to the on location (2nd) stage, winning the entry to the festival.

                                                 - Stage two will start depending on the schedule that will be announce late next week.


    The prizes are goodie bags sent by Blizzard for the 1st and 2nd place, and bottle of fine alcohol for the 1st place offered by us.

    The tournament is not league level locked. The available maps will be a selection of the official 2v2 ladder maps.


    All and all.. first things first:                          

        To sign up for the tournament you must send a request by filling the form below in the following way:

Name:  your full name (as displayed in your id)

Email: a valid e-mail (on which we can contact you)

Subject: Leisure Days SC2 2v2 tournament (copy/paste)


- the name of your team;

- yours and your friends nickname & character code (so we can find you in-game);

- a valid phone number (so we can contact you for the on-location stage);

- yours and your friends personal numeric code (CNP), so we know that both of you are of legal age (over 18), as alcohol will be involved :D

The teams:

1. Chizars:

     - Arkade.614

     - dots.825

2. 42:

     - zaza.931

     - TMgoayakla.100

3. Quasar:

     - PistOlerO.914

     - MoonBeam.763

4. Gore Liber:
    - RedPrime.2675

    - Monsoon.2157

5. SKiD:

    - Warlock.995

    - Cataliz3er.666

    The players will be duking it out on Saturday. Each team will play against every other team, in a best of 3. The victors gain 1 point for every team defeated.



    On Sunday, the top two teams that gathered the most points will battle in a best of 7.


    Who will win?   Come have a drink and be the first to know!


                                                                                                Let the games begin!


#1: Chizars vs. 42:

                      2 - 0


#2: Gore Liber vs. SKiD:

                      1 - 2


#3: Quasar vs. Gore Liber:

                      2 - 0


#4: 42 vs SKiD:

                      n / a


#5: Chizars vs. Quasar:

                      n  / a


#6: 42 vs. Quasar:

                     0 - 2


#7: Chizars vs. Gore Liber:

                      2 - 1


#8: Quasar vs. SKiD:

                      2 - 0


#9: 42 vs. Gore Liber:

                       0 - 2


#10: Chizars vs. SKiD:

                        2 - 0

    Matches were held from 14:00 (gmt+2).


    The maps were selected from the current official 2v2 ladder maps.



    Chizars - 3

    Quasar - 3


    Gore Liber - 1


    SKID - 1


    Quasar vs Chizars :    4 - 1

    The festival was held at the "Chaos Computer Cluj", inside "Galeriile Ferdinand" at the 1st floor, King Ferdinand street, number 6, in our fair city Cluj-Napoca.

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