Inside these event you could find stuff like board games, anime viewing, maybe meet irl the people you usually only meet online. It's here you can always find competitive play for the most popular games, or maybe just join some chill leisure play. Sometimes you could find some real passionate cosplayers. Maybe you're a fan of outdoor activities, in this case you may like archery and/or frisbee ;)

    eSports, board games, parties .... choose your destiny!!



While good universe creation in games create an excellent immersion and an overall better experience, some of us just like to know, and to prove to ourselves, that we are better.  We believe that being competitive and excelling to always be better in any filed, makes us grow; and also gives us some sick sweet stories to brag and reminisce  with :)

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2017-03-25 - FunStone #03 - 56.jpg


    If you're just chillin' with some Rummikub, Chess and/or Backgammon, and not interested in some epic stories (for example like DnD), or if you're not into political intrigue (like Game of Thrones), and are not really into knowing new sides of people (like Secret Hitler brings out), and definitely if you don't like acting silly every once in a while (looking at you Cards Against Humanity) ...then this place is for sure not for you !!

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2013-04-20 - 'Blue Jay' boardgames2 - 38


The perfect place to tell that s!ck story of that time, when you did a penta-head-shot-kill on that legendary raid boss when you were top grandmaster tier on ladder ;)

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