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    We are happy to announce we will be organizing a Hearthstone tournament at the Transylvanian International Game Convention. The tournament will be held on the 24th and 25th (on May 2014), starting at around 12:00 on either day.

    The entry fee consists of 33 RON. This price includes entry to the convention for both Saturday and Sunday.

    How do I enter the tournament?
    Simple, you sign up on the spot at our stand at the convention.


    So I just come and play?
    Sadly, no. Keep in mind that the number of players is limited, in order to be sure you get a spot at the tournament, submit an entry request using the form at the bottom of the page. Any number of free spots can be available at the con and will be filled on a first come first serve scenario.

    How, when and where do I pay the entry fee?

    The entry fee can be payed at the convention ticket acquisition. Once arrived at the ticket desk, just mention you have submitted a Hearthstone tournament entry form. You must have your id with you.

        - 1st place - 70% of the entry fee pool;
        - 2nd place - 30%
of the entry fee pool;


    The entry fee pool consists of the total amount of tournament entry fees minus the convention entry fee.

    As usual, we also have some tricks up our sleeves. We may complement the prizes with additional trinkets and
surprises that we may announce at a later date.

    Tournament rules & game plan:

        - All games are best of 5;
        - Players should prepare 3 (three) decks in advance. Each deck is allowed to contain at most one legendary card. Players are allowed to use only these 3 decks at the tournament;

        - Players must print the full deck list (for every deck), and have that list present and visible with them at the event. The list must include the name, all numeric values and rarity (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common, Free, None) of the cards. Only the decks printed out are eligible for play;
        - Deck creation / management at the event is not allowed;
        - All official Hearthstone rules (EULA, etc) apply at the tournament;

        - All official Tig Con rules (rules of conduit, etc) apply at the tournament;
        - Any mishap will be dealt with on a case by case scenario and any penalties will be judged and carried out  by the ESC referee(s) present;

        - Penalties may include (but not limited to) losing a match or tournament disqualification;

    Useful link. Example deck list (for printing).

    To sign up online for the tournament you must send a request by filling the form at the bottom of the page in the following way:


For Hearthstone:

Name: your full name (as displayed on your id)

Email: a valid e-mail (on which we can contact you)

Subject: TigCon HrSt tournament (copy/paste)


- your nickname & character code (so we can find you in-game);

- a valid phone number (so we can contact you for the on-location stage);

- your personal numeric code (CNP);

    The festival will be held at the "Expo transilvania", in our fair city Cluj-Napoca.

    Entry submissions are now closed, however, there may still be some open spots.



    For games related information check the brackets.


    See you there ;)

Games start daily at 13:00.

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