We were present on the 14th through 15th of June at the Delahoya festival held at Gârbăului Valley near the city of Cluj-Napoca.

        During the two days of the festival, the board games department coordinated by Proof, held events with about 20 different games.

        On the first day, at the tent's shade, monsters, zombies and other creatures from other worlds lurked in their boxes: Last Night on Earth, Elder Sign, Ghost Stories, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Ligretto and Elder Sign enjoyed most of Friday's afternoon breeze, these being the two games most favored by players.

        The second and last day Delahoya summoned more games under ESC's tents. Among them were the Ticket to Ride: Europe, Catan, Space Hulk: Death Angel, Descent: Journeys into the dark 2nd Edition, Carcassonne, Arcana and Rune Age. Again, Ligretto remained among the most played game, with Elder Sign, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Magic The Gathering and Love Letter following closely. Also during the second day, a few members of ESC showed that their passion for games extends beyond the computer screen and the board and joined one of the festival Frisbee teams for a training session and a game.

        Although with few participants during the day, the fun was secured in the two tents of 'E-Sports Cluj' with energetic people and board games whose adventures and mysteries just waited to be discovered.