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We are a team of young professionals looking to excel at giving gamers a vast array of event, and, teach each other as many skills as we can.


Tourneys are the best way of showing everyone how good you are. Be it team work, problem identification, issue breakdown, picking the best solution on the spot, or maybe just  winning by persevering, tournaments are just one of the ways we put you on the spot to show the world what they got!


Inside these event you could find stuff like board games, anime viewing, maybe meet irl the people you usually only meet online. It's here you can always find competitive play for the most popular games, or maybe just join some chill leisure play. Sometimes you could find some real passionate cosplayers. Maybe you're a fan of outdoor activities, in this case you may like archery and/or frisbee ;)


There are multiple ways you could help us grow:

- Constructive criticism always helps us learn and be better.
- Tell us what would you like to see at our events, and, more important: why.

- If you see here something you like, a share would always help ;)
- That 2% tax redistribution wouldn't hurt :p
- If you'd like to join our team, clicky clicky right here below :)