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'E-Sports Cluj' Supports “Salvati Rosia Montana!”


        We see Rosia Montana as a social hub in which any community can reunite in order to, on one hand study the local history, on the other hand exchange experience from a cultural stand point. Most of all we see Rosia Montana as the front line, a stronghold, a space where all the Romanian communities can gather... a space once saved, saves us all from industrialization. This industrialization means the destruction of certain vestiges that can cannot be valued in gold, it means the relocation or destruction of final resting places of our forefathers, forefathers that loved this land and would have never agreed for it to be covered in cyanide in order to obtain gold or other metals. How can we, today, develop through play when tomorow what we eat and breath contains toxins ?!?


        We, 'E-Sports Cluj' are honored and grateful for the invitiation to take part in 'Fan Fest' 2013, in order to achieve a higher purpose, saving Rosia Montana.


        Daily activies will be composed of presenting the games in our collection, teaching the rules of the games and playing them by anyone interested. Games will be available throughout the festival duration, at our tent, between these hours:

- Thursday: 12:00 - 18:00
- Friday: 11:00 - 20:00
- Saturday: 11:00 - 20:00
- Sunday: 10:00 - 12:00


        For more information about the 'E-Sports Cluj' board game collection, access the following link.


        Attention: Not every game will be present during the festival, only those considered by the organizers suited to be played in an open-air area. Also to be noted is the fact that, additional games to those present on the list can appear during the festival.


        For more questions, please use the form below.


        King of Tokyo (Regele din Tokyo) contest


        Game description: In this game, every contestant takes the role of a monster that wants to destroy Tokyo city. Each player starts with 10 life points and 0 victory points. The game is based on dice rolling, 6 at most. Dice results will be chosen in such a way as to bring players closer to victory. The winner is the one that collects 20 victory points or the monster which killed all the other monsters. For 2 to 6 players. Playing time up to 60 minutes per game.


        On August 17th (Saturday). Conduct: From 14:00, until the end of the contest. Rule knowledge is not needed but it is prefered, they will also be explained before starting. The contest will be held with an equally distributed number of players at each table, at most 5, over 4 qualifying rounds in which contestants will receive points. After the 4 rounds the first 6 players, in point order, will be seated at a final table in which a game with no time limit is played in order to detemine the victor. First prize: Ghoost! game offered by Lex Hobby Store.

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