We are a team of young professionals who excel at event management, all in the name of quality gaming.


We host and run a vast array of social events and tournaments, in the hopes of giving gamers and ourselves a suitable environment to facilitate the process of learning through gaming.


ESC Fests are the best way of letting everyone know just how good you are.

They're the pinnacle of our expertise, and it shows. From contestants to spectators, board games and comics enthusiasts to cosplayers, there's something for everyone.


Put your APM, team work. perseverance and on-the-spot problem-solving abilities to the test  by attending one of our signature festivals. 


If full-blown tournaments aren't your thing, we regularly host low-key events, giving you a chance to get together with your friends in a play-focused setting, as well as an opportunity to make some new ones.

Ranging from competitive to casual play, board games, tournament spectating ,outdoor activities or raging concerts and parties, we have a cure for that itch you've been feeling lately.


There are plenty of things we'd like to talk to you about:

- Let us know what we can do better.

- If you're interested in working together
- Or just tell us what would you like to see at our future events, and why.